When I went through my process after my divorce, it was hard! I couldn't see past the love I lost, but that kept my heart captive from finding real love. The first steps of Find True Love restored my heart. I was able to become whole again, and yes, I found my Boo! Thank God for you, Promise of Love!

Thank you Promise of Love!

Tamara K.

Applicable advice in a Christian-themed class… LOVED IT!!!  I learned many valuable lessons of wisdom, like questions I should ask myself in my season of singleness.  This course helped me navigate my own emotions, convictions, and desires as I prepare for the man God has sent for me.

Thanks so much!!!

Raven U.

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Find True Love
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I'm 28 and I don't think I would have appreciated this course 5 years ago. I thought finding a good guy after college would be easy. Finding a guy was not a problem, but finding a guy who's good for me was the trick. After 5 years of relationship roulette, I finally have a plan to do this dating thing right. And it makes perfect sense! I can see why my previous relationships did not work, and why they would have led to disaster! Now, I'm able to clearly see if a guy I'm dating will be good for me. I'm at the same place with Sean that Rob described in his Portrait story with Winona! Now, Sean knows I'm not flighty and I know that commitment is our thing. I never had that before! Thank you Promise of Love!!!

Janice D.

Wow, this course really opened my eyes!

I walked away from Darren and I don't even know why.  Months later, with him out of sight and out of mind, I found this Find True Love course.  I thought the name was a marketing gimmick, but I went through the process anyway.  When I learned how to see if a man would be right for me for life, I realized I had already found true love.  I had walked away because I didn't know what I had!  Even my PCA Report revealed that Darren was perfect for me, and I'm so lucky he was still available. Getting to know the substance of his character had me fall deeper in love than I thought possible!

Ricki & Darren P.